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Why "The Leather Parlour"?

The Victorian Parlour was a place of exceptional beauty and delight. It was commonly used for entertaining guests and hosting celebrations. The Parlour was decorated with ones finest possessions including ornate furnishings, decorative floral arrangements, fine artworks and unique finds. The Leather Parlour was born from it's products unique beauty, highest quality, and lavish adornments for every occasion

The Leather Parlour


Welcome to the Leather Parlour

Based out of Hamilton, Ontario - The Leather Parlour offers a range of unique of handmade items from orignal designed purses and handbags, briefcases, wallets and belts to unique leather floral arrangements hair pieces & fashion masks. Each piece is exquisitely handcrafted by a single artisan using the finest quality leather and exceptional care is taken attending to every detail from forming to finish. Each line of products are inspired by the same principal - to create pieces that mimic life and inspire the imagination, that draw on both creativity and beauty, and that will be cherished and enjoyed for many years to come. 

Handcrafted, Unique, Quality Leather Designs

From Handbags, Belt, Wallets, and Other Accessories - Each piece is handmade to perfection everytime!

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The Leather Parlour - SL Leather Designs